The platform:

We use an in-house built proprietary platform which acts as a marketplace.

Our development tools

The proprietary software

The proprietary software used can be accessed via an online electronic system and aims to facilitate the purchase and sale of leads in real time.

The platform is used in-house, but can also be licensed to 3 rd parties who wish to utilize its unique features.
The platform and the software is constantly developed in order to increase its features and capacity. Currently averaging few hundred thousands leads per day automatically and in real time, the aim is to increase both the features, as well as its capacity.

Platform features

Innovative technology

The transactions for leads are processed and sold to buyers using dynamic algorithms and innovative technology

Statistics & analytics

A system of statistics and analytics that allows our partners to track conversions based on this data

Anti-fraud system

Powerful anti-fraud system that allows the system operator to identify unscrupulous participants

Team support & improvement

Our software is constantly being developed to increase its capacity. Currently it can handle an average of 75,000 Leads per day automatically and in real time, and we aim to increase this capacity.

Easy to navigate

An easy to navigate admin panel for partners (buyers, sellers,administrators, managers and accountants)