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Why LeadsGate™ stands out

We offer innovative solutions that move you and your business forward.


Lead Prices Up To $230
We strive to see your income skyrocket. Our smart online platform gives the highest payouts for the sold leads.


Priority selling system
Our priority selling system increases earning from traffic majorly, allowing you to achieve results in no time.


Declined leads monetization
We are convinced that every effort deserves a reward. LeadsGate™ is the only one who pays you even for declined leads.

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We deliver a full package of marketing services

We know firsthand what kind of marketing tools you need to maximize your profits.

Winning team is here for you

LeadsGate™ takes pride in its staff. Together we came up with a formula that drives us and our Affiliates to success. Here is our recipe for market leadership:
  • high-standard industry
  • total data
  • flawless payout
  • well-tried working
  • quick professional

Best Public Offers

We’ve got the best public offers for the US market in the industry. On average, an offer from LeadsGate™ has 15% higher conversions than a product of other platforms.

Clear-Cut JavaScript Forms

Unique one-step JS forms are developed to give you maximum conversions in mobile and are easily integrated in any design. Dozens of small enhancements give you a serious conversion boost.

  • Industry-compilable forms
  • High usability
  • Perceptible visual elements

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Stellar reputation of payouts

LeadsGate™ has cemented an unchallenged reputation of a reliable partner that always pays on time. We do what we say, and say what we do.

Payment methods suitable for everyone

We always pay on time. For added convenience, we offer various payment methods to ensure that you easily receive revenue for work done. As soon as you reach the minimum payment threshold and earn at least $500 with LeadsGate™, you are able to receive your money with one of the online payment systems listed below: PayPal, Wire Transfer and other most popular payment solutions.

Platform beyond compare

LeadsGate™ emerged as the number-one online payday loan affiliate program thanks to a set of game-changing benefits. We provide you with first-rate services that have made us acknowledged leaders in the payday loan field.
  • $230

    We sell your lead at top price up to $230
  • Referral program

    Refer an Affiliate and earn % of their revenue
  • 10K+ affiliates

    More than 10,000 affiliates all around the globe
  • 10 years

    10 years of outstanding results.
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Focused on US market
SEO Expert Advice
Language support
  • English
  • Russian
  • Thai

LeadsGate™ is №1
Why? See for yourself

We are not afraid of comparisons, because we are unbeatable. LeadsGate™ keeps evolving, as we believe that there is always room for improvement. The list of benefits below speaks volumes about us as industry leaders.
  • Priority selling system
    LeadsGate™ helps you earn the highest payouts on the market.
  • Payouts for declined leads
    LeadsGate™ makes it possible to earn extra profit for rejected leads.
  • Weekly payments
    ALL Affiliates are paid every week, always on time.
Other loan affiliate programs
  • Have a poor lender base
    Leads are sold at lower prices or not sold at all.
  • Don’t pay for declined leads
    If a lead is declined, you gain nothing.
  • Less attractive payment terms
    Biweekly and Monthly Payments.
Added values of LeadsGate™
  • Responsive support and customer service
  • Robust analytics and stats
  • Wide array of useful marketing tools
  • Only vetted advertisers and affiliates

We’ll buy your traffic at better prices for you - because we are №1

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