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1What is LeadsGate™?

LeadsGate™ is a Pay-per Lead Affiliate Network. As the largest and most established affiliate marketing network, we offer the most balanced package solution on the market. We provide unlimited opportunities for Affiliates to get the highest possible payouts and for Advertisers to receive quality leads.

2What is Pay-per Lead?

Pay-per Lead is a type of affiliate marketing system in which Advertisers pay Affiliates according to the conversion rate of generated leads.

3How do I join LeadsGate™?

LeadsGate™ is a professional Affiliate Network with the most established name on the market. As our platform is designed for advanced webmasters, we accept only those Affiliates who have traffic already or who have been invited. To sign up, leave your valid email address following the “Join” link. Once your application is submitted, our Account Manager will contact you and provide you with the details of further steps. You will receive a personal account after registration.

4Can international Affiliates join LeadsGate™?

Yes! All interested Affiliates (US- and non-US based) can apply for membership in the LeadsGate™ Network.

5What types of traffic are not accepted?

We do not accept call center, CoReg, spam, brokered, hacking, or incentivized traffic. We strictly disapprove of trademark violations and don’t accept traffic from the websites that infringe on copyright and trademark regulations.

6How long does it take for my account to be approved?

Typically, our account setup process takes around one business day. Once you have created an account, you will receive an email from your account manager. The manager will provide you with the necessary information for the next steps.

7How do I get paid?

Once you accumulate at least $500, you can receive your payment by making a request in the payment section of your account. Payments are processed bi-weekly. To simplify the process, you can opt for auto-payment.

8In what currency do you pay?

We pay in US dollars.

9What payment options do you offer?

LeadsGate™ offers the following payment methods: PayPal, Wire Transfer and other most popular payment solutions.

10How often are my reports updated?

We provide real-time statistics and reporting, enabling you to monitor your marketing campaign.

11What kind of promo materials do you offer?

We allow you to generate traffic by using our top offers and JS forms.

12Can I use your application form with my website design?

Yes! Affiliates can use our application form with their own designs. For additional information, please contact our support team or your Account Manager.

13How many lenders do you have in your system?

This information is confidential and commercially closed. We have a solid base of only vetted Advertisers to ensure that your earnings are maximized due to our priority selling system.

14Can you show some successful examples of your partners’ sites?

No. Information provided by our partners is confidential. We have no right to share such information without getting official permission from our partners. LeadsGate™ integrates privacy, trust, and business ethics into all aspects of functioning. Thus, we guarantee the same attitude to you and your business.

15What kind of customer support do you offer?

At LeadsGate™, we provide 24/7 personalized customer service. We have a team of uniquely qualified professionals who provide our partners with around-the-clock service and support.

16Why can’t I see my click data in statistics?

We do not provide data for non-US clicks. If this is not the issue, please contact your Account Manager for assistance.

17How much can I get paid for referring affiliates?

Our Affiliates are entitled to a referral bonus. Premium partners, bloggers, and thematic communities can expect some feature terms. For more details, please contact your Account Manager.

18How do you determine cost-per-lead?

The pricing system is based on our custom-tailored priority selling system, thanks to which we can guarantee that you will get the highest possible payout for your leads.

19Do you offer sub-account tracking?

Yes. To divide your traffic into sub-accounts, add get parameter ref* to your link. Your link will look like this: https://site.com/?aid=0000&ref=yoursubid *Ref parameter supports alphanumeric sequences.

20Do you have offers for the UK market?
No. Currently we’re focused only on the US market

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If you have further questions, please contact your Account Manager or our support team at support@leadsgate.com
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