10 Brilliant Email Marketing Trends 2019 Has To Offer

If you haven’t paid much attention to email marketing, now might be a good time to start.

Gone are the days of dull messages and lackluster campaigns. We are plunging headfirst into the era of compelling, personalized email calls-to-action. And this trend isn’t going anywhere. On the contrary, it’s becoming huge. There is no point in waiting for the tide to turn—you’d better learn these rules to generate new and--more importantly--dedicated leads.

The value of email marketing has been clear for several years now, but 2019 has proved that this marketing form is here to stay. The long-discussed changes are no longer an abstract concept. Technologies are evolving. Consumers want to receive something that is both entertaining and real. They long for a more human type of communication. A successful email strategy requires attention to technology, content, and attitude.

To engage your leads, you should gain an insight into new industry directions. So what are they, those must-try trends in 2019?

1. Entertain by interacting

People don’t want to read another boring commercial notification. They want to be delighted. Let them have fun with your messages and you’ll see your email list growing in no time. Play to their wishes to learn more about themselves and be listened to. One of the most clever ways to do so is by placing a poll, survey, game or quiz in the body of your email. If customers see that you introduce a fun element on a regular basis, they will develop a habit of opening your emails.

2. Things are getting pretty personal

When you operate a website, you collect plenty of users’ personal data. Learning more about their behavior gives you the space to improve your strategy by sending customized messages to your audience. Marketers have already picked up the practice of mentioning the first and last name of a user, but there are other possibilities that win hearts. Use everything you can to establish a voice that is human rather than robotic in your emails—location, personal preferences, purchasing history, etc. Show a little soul, care about your leads, and they’ll want more.

3. The “Tell-me-a-story” approach is on fire

This new trend encourages marketers to take on the role of a narrator. Play with your text to turn faceless lines into a story. Turn your reader into the protagonist of the story, create a plot, and describe how you can help the hero.

4. Privacy comes first

A focus on personalization, however, doesn’t decrease the value of privacy. Moreover, 2019 demands more transparency and respect for personal space than ever. Thanks to the biggest influencer in the security area, the General Data Protection Regulation by the EU, more and more countries have passed data-protection laws. Some of them are rather strict. And that means you need to handle personal information with care in your messages.

5. Mobile optimization is in demand

One of the top email marketing priorities of this year is the optimization of emails for mobile devices. Today, many people check their email from their smartphones. Want more views? Make sure that your messages look good on a mobile screen.

6. Minimalism is appreciation of space

2019 is the year for minimalism. As marketers are focusing on creating captivating texts, busy designs have become a thing of the past. A short and strong line on an invisible background is having a moment.

7. Automation makes everything better

Automated email is one of the best things that has ever happened to email marketing. It helps you to establish a personalized communication with potential leads, saves you time, and serves as a fascinating way to increase your revenue. Automation is also a great tool to help you divide your clients by interests and segments.

8. Loyalty emails as a way to learn more

One of the smartest tactics this year is paying close attention to loyalty programs. Thanks to such programs, you can collect information about your most loyal users and, consequently, learn how to behave with potential clients who are similar to them.

9. Text-only messages are also here

If you are worrying about your emails hitting the bottom of spam folders, try using text-only messages. People tend to open them more frequently, as messages without graphics raise fewer suspicions.

10. AI strengthens email marketing

Artificial intelligence is used to create, predict, and enhance. The right algorithm can come up with a brilliant subject line, analyze leads’ behavior, and predict the reason why your customer may opt out from receiving communication from you. AI is being implemented not only in email marketing, but in our whole future, so you’d better start taking advantage of it as soon as you can.

The bottom line

Don’t believe the rumors that email marketing is fading out. As these new trends show, it’s very much alive. Generate new leads with an effective strategy based on these 10 principles and see the results for yourself.