7 Smart Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website

You have a nice website, your content is great, and everything seems to be okay except for one thing.

It isn’t working.

Your website may be attractive and interesting, but that alone isn’t enough to attract visitors. To run your online business smoothly, you need stable traffic. And that means that you need customers who are eager to have a look at your product.

Imagine that your website is a body and traffic is blood. As you know, no human can exist without blood supporting their whole complicated body. The same goes for websites. Without traffic, you become weak and eventually sink into Internet oblivion.

In order not to bleed out, you need to develop a traffic-generating strategy. Nowadays there are plenty of them, from well-known social media engagement to pretty unusual techniques. Here is the list of some amusing ways to drive users to your website.

1. Throw yourself into email marketing

Email marketing is thriving. And there is a reason for this boom. It’s one of the most effective methods of building up a community of dedicated customers. Email marketing allows you to test yourself with both established subscribers and potential ones—and to get creative while doing so.

Experiments are rewarding. New trends in the field help marketers establish a strong personalized connection with readers. Having a bond like this is a great chance to learn more about your targeted audience and come up with approaches for reaching out to new leads.

2. Use multimedia formats to make your brand come to life

Literally. There is no better way to introduce a brand than to make it visual. This method of audience engagement is both constructive and impressive, as it entertains people and helps them to understand your brand better.

A cool video draws attention instantly. And the best part is that you don’t need Hollywood-standard equipment to do it. You can create amazing video content with a smartphone and get a lot of traffic, especially if you post it on such big players like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. You can also attract leads by posting videos on social media. The more you broadcast, the better.

3. Improve your content

Quality matters. The value of what you are writing also affects your traffic. Think about creating solid content. Sure, reminding visitors about your brand by posting something new is important--but delivering well-written copy is better. Google favors articles that stir long-term interest and puts them in a higher position in the search engine.

4. Write an ebook

A free-of-charge ebook is a popular form of bait. Marketers achieve a traffic boost by offering potential clients a report or a guide. These documents contain links that direct readers right to the marketer’s website. It’s essential to have good content in these reports so that people will share them with their friends and coworkers.

5. Use chatbots

Feel like leads are slipping through your fingers? Consider using chatbots.

When a user visits your website, he or she often wants an immediate response. If there is no reply, all interest disappears, and a disappointed lead drifts away from you. A chatbot can easily fix this problem. This assistant will answer all the questions at once to the customer’s satisfaction. Chatbots never get tired, they never lose their temper, and they meet clients’ needs in a perfectly polite manner.

6. Take LinkedIn’s Pulse

No, this isn’t wordplay.

LinkedIn is an amazing place for professionals, as it gives you an opportunity to get in touch with leads from your scope of activity. This is a key place to search for useful connections and you project yourself in business. LinkedIn Pulse, a news feed, is a good tool for building up an impressive profile. Make sure to publish posts here regularly.

7. Get a voice

You may have seen debates about the future of voice search. While we admit that people may have the right to be skeptical, we’d like to point out the advantages of audio optimization.

Users spend a lot of time with their mobile devices. When they need to look for something on the Internet, they typically do it on the go. But it’s hard to type when you’re moving. That’s why people like to use smart devices that recognize a human voice. Marketers cannot ignore this tendency. And the sooner you adjust to it, the better. Of course, voice search requires modifications such as using long-tail keywords, but it is well worth the effort.

Establishing your own voice isn’t only important for search engines. Podcasting is another fascinating driver of traffic. Although it may be challenging at first, in the end such market-speak will attract committed leads.

The bottom line

While there are plenty of ways to make traffic flow and grow, they are all based on one principle: encouraging human curiosity. To do so, you need to be curious yourself. Try new things. Open yourself up to experiments, and don’t be afraid to make a discovery. That’s what digital marketing is all about.