Instagram Visual Marketing Pt.3: How to Drive Quality Traffic to Your Website

Congratulations! You’ve built a solid, quality follower base. Now it’s time to reap the benefits of your efforts. We already know that this popular social network is not only a visually pleasing platform, but also a great tool for boosting your sales. Below are the 7 most effective ways to funnel huge amounts of traffic from your Instagram account to your website organically.

Use the link in your bio effectively

The easiest, yet very effective way to drive traffic to your website from IG is to include a clickable link in your bio to your newest content. Do not follow the lead of those brands that never change a link. Be smarter.

Each time you post a picture or a story about a new product, update the link and include a call-to-action in your post that invites users to click the link in the bio. People have proven to be reluctant to take actions that seem redundant. They are also unlikely to copy and paste the link in the description. Everybody wants things to be easier and faster, so why don’t you demonstrate your concern and simplify the process? In addition, it’s a good idea to use a branded link. This not only boosts the confidence of your audience, but it also leads to higher click-through rates.

Engage your followers to “swipe up” on a Story post

Since its release in 2016, Stories has won the love of millions of Instagram users. Over 300 million people watch Stories every day for a reason. With a number of curious features such as GIFs, location tags, boomerangs, filters, and stickers, Stories is a powerful tool for telling your brand’s story in many creative and unique ways.

Arguably the most effective feature of Stories that helps you get an insane number of clicks is the ability of users to “swipe up” on a Story post. Your followers will see a small arrow at the bottom that calls them to swipe up to see more. When a user swipes up, they are brought to the web page that you have chosen.

Include a URL in Videos

Videos on Instagram bring about three times more inbound links than static image posts. It must therefore be concluded that it’s definitely worth spending a certain amount of time to create a 15-second narrative. To make a video work even more efficiently, include the URL in a text overlay and a voiceover. This will surely drive most of your followers to the website. And if you manage to make the video entertaining and engaging, you’ll definitely make your viewers want to see more on your web page.

Use your analytics to your advantage

Instagram Insights helps you understand best posting strategies. When are the best hours to post? What day of the week are your followers most active? What kind of content is performing best? Once you find answers to these crucially important questions, you’ll know what you should invest more in. For example, if you practice posting how-to videos and this type of content turns out to have a wider reach, you should dedicate more time and funds to developing this component of your visual marketing.

Run giveaways and promotions

Use Instagram as a tool to run any giveaways and contests, thereby promoting your brand on your followers’ pages. How does it work? Post a picture that announces your contest or giveaway. To enter, your followers should repost the picture and use a specific hashtag. You can search the hashtag, collect the participants’ names and then randomly pick the winner. It’s an easy way to increase your brand’s visibility, and it just might drive more users to your website.

Run an ad campaign

Want another simple way to drive traffic to your website? Run an ad campaign! The best thing about it is that Instagram ads are clickable. First, a user clicks an ad and goes directly to whatever web page you choose. Second, Instagram adds a “Learn More” call-to-action button that helps you increase your click-through rate. A win-win situation! And for your additional information, Instagram ads use the Facebook Ads backend. This means you can target the right audience demographic by searching people’s interests.

Collaborate with other brands and influencers

How to benefit from partnering with other brands? Work with other brands to do a collaborative giveaway. Ask your followers to like and comment on the post to enter. Have other participating brands tag you in their post and ask their followers to also follow your account to enter. That’s it!

Also you can sponsor an influencer. Find a popular account that meets your interest and criteria. Send them one of your products for free, in exchange for a review. Or you can sponsor a post on their feed to drive their followers to your account.

The bottom line

You can have a recipe for success, but you still need to cook. If you are ready to step up your Instagram game and start driving huge conversions, take action! Instagram is a great tool for selling products and driving organic traffic to your website. All you need is to use it strategically. We hope you found our tips useful. If you try any of them out and they help you achieve great results, let us know!